Gourmet Foodie Gifts

  • A Picnic in Napa
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    A Picnic in Napa

    This gorgeous canvas Napa themed tote is the perfect gourmet escape to Napa. Included in this carefully curated gift is: Josh Cellars Chardonnay, 375mL Napa Themed Tote (12x15x6) Herbes de Provence Olives Tomato Basil Bread Sticks Olive Oil & Sea Salt...

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  • All Things Olives Gift Set

    All Things Olives Gift Set

    A savory gift of all things related to olives. The superstar of this gift is the darling olive plate which measures 6.5" in diameter. We've curated these items and placed them into a rustic tab tuck kraft box with a bow and the following items: Tuscan...

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  • Arrivederci
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    Absolutely Gorgeous! This Arrivederci canvas tote comes with EVOO, Roasted Garlic Marinara and Truffle Tagliatelle pasta - all from Italy. We've added fresh garlic, two wooden spoons and a stainless steel garlic press to round out this gift.

    $148.00 $124.00
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  • Be Healthy

    Be Healthy

    An inspirational box filled with gourmet treats on the healther side including: Skinny Pop Warrior Granola Mix Citrus Ginger Tea Drops (2) Kind Bar Fig Bar

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  • Beach Please

    Beach Please

    Our oversized "Beach Please" mug comes with two caffeine free Sweet Mint tea drops and our delicious lemon sugar cookies. A simple and darling gift for any occasion.

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  • Cheeseboarding


    This delightful "Platters and Board" design book is a work of art in itself. Learn how to create gorgeous and flavorful cheeseboards. We've included everything you need to "practice" for your next cheeseboarding opportunity including: Platters &...

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  • Copper EVOO

    Copper EVOO

    A real mini copper pan features gold side handles and is perfect for melting butter and creating sauces. We've added a few truly gourmet items including basil infused olive oil, a coordinating EVOO mini dish, bruschetta spices and the fantastic Clif...

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  • Don't Quit Chocolate

    Don't Quit Chocolate

    Purely delicious and fun! "I could give up chocolate but I'm no quitter," artwork comes with a variety of chocolate favorites including: Chocolate Fondue Ghirardelli Hot Chocolate Mocha Truffle Mug Cake Cocoa Shortbread Cookies Chocolate Mocha Kind...

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  • Good Morning Breakfast

    Good Morning Breakfast

    Pancake mix, raspberry syrup, orange juice, coffee, tea - a wonderful breakfast gift box great for any occasion. We've included: Buttermilk Pancake Mix, 12 oz. Small Batch Raspberry Syrup (raspberries, cane sugar + lemon juice only!), 8 oz. White...

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